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The Environmental Network for Pembrokeshire – TENP

The Environmental Network for Pembrokeshire (TENP) is composed of voluntary sector environmental organisations and aims to  participate in, and contribute to, the formulation and implementation of policy impacting on the environment. Our perspective on environmental issues is broad and  is underpinned by the well established UK Sustainable Development Commission’s 5 principles of sustainable development.

Our contribution to policy and practice is achieved by the network’s Committee members and individual members organisations engaging with the statutory and business sectors to promote SD principles and by practicing  and advocating best practice in environmentally sensitive and sustainable living. Our aim is to make Pembrokeshire a leading example of a sustainable County. Towards this end TENP Committee members: – organise  two or three events a year (information can be found on this website) – produce a monthly newsletter – support our member organisations – have produced a Sustainable Development Directory – participate in the Pembrokeshire Environment Forum, a policy strategy group, with PCC, PCNP and Natural Resources Wales (previously Environment Agency, CCW, and Forestry Commission Wales), and, – participate in the Pembrokeshire Sustainable Agriculture Network (established by PLANED). – respond to local and national consultation papers, such as the recent Single Integrated Plan produced by the Local Service Board, and  the White Paper on the Sustainable Development Bill.

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How To Change The World

Before it was the world’s largest activist organization, Greenpeace was the love child of an eclectic group of Vancouver neighbours (journalists, scientists, and hippies). United in their opposition to a U.S. atomic test on an Alaskan island, they sailed an aging fishing boat straight for the test site. Armed only with cameras and faith in the power of images, the rainbow warriors were born.


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