Community Resilience Project

November 2014:

Pembrokeshire Weathering the Storm event

On the 27th November, The Environmental Network for Pembrokeshire (TENP) ran our AGM alongside an event, ‘Weathering the Storm’, which focussed on Community Resilience when faced with extreme weather events.

Nearly 60 people attended and heard from Rhodri Asby (the Welsh Government’s most senior civil servant  responsible for Climate Change policy), Emyr Williams from Pembrokeshire County Council (who oversees the production of the Shoreline Management Plan for the County) and Mike Fothergill  from the Talybont Flood Group, Ceredigion, who described the impact of flooding  on the village and emphasised the support they received from the Scottish Flood Forum – we do not have the equivalent in Wales. ..

Rhodri Asby WG Pembrokeshire Presentation 27Nov 2014

Talybont Flood Group presentation

The presentations were very informative and stimulated many questions, the most fundamental being

  • Who should be responsible for planning preparedness for extreme weather events?
  • What role should communities take and what can they expect from the public sector agencies?
  • how can communities help themselves to be more resilient in the long term? in terms of their own food and energy security, and communications.

It is clearly the case that the potential for extreme weather events is not fully appreciated by some communities and even where it is many communities have yet to discuss what they would do and what they expect of others.

It is hoped that this event has stimulated participants to discuss with their neighbours how to go about preparing an Emergency Plan for their area and the County Council has recently published a guide which aims to help them.

Contact the Emergency Planning department for further information, go to the government community resilience resources web pages, or download a copy of Pembrokeshire County Council’s Community Resilience Toolkit. You might also find it useful to visit the ‘Blue Pages’, flood products directory.

This event was the final component of a project funded by NRW and led by TENP with support from PCC, PAVS and PLANED. The final report to the Pembrokeshire Environment Forum (PEF) is on our policy page. PEF minutes are on the PCC web site.

The final report recommends a number of actions and they have been delegated to three working groups: PCC’s Low Carbon Working group, PCC’s Community Resilience Working Group and PLANED’s  Sustainable Agriculture Working Group. TENP hopes to attend these groups in the future and has asked that the minutes of the meetings be placed on the appropriate web sites.

April-June 2014 

TENP and partners ran two discussion events – in March for the Third Sector, April for the Public Sector and a joint Action Planning meeting for both sectors on May 1st. As an initial first step TENP was pleased to get this discussion work started. It is probably the first project of its kind in Wales – resulting in observation by the Welsh Assembly.  But attendance figures highlight the need for much more engagement work and efforts to make the subject accessible, urgent and personal for all sectors.

TENP and partners will be carrying out further engagement work throught the year to build on these first steps.

For more background information see our policy and consultations page.

Events and Action Points

Thanks to all for your participation in one or more of these events.

The link below is a summary of the action points that emerged from the third event.  We are interested to hear your thoughts on them, whether they are actions your group or department are able to take forward.

Draft Action Plan May 2014

Suggestion of additional action points or identification of potential obstacles is helpful to us too.

The Community Resilience findings will be finalised in the coming weeks and will be presented to the Pembrokeshire Environmental Forum on June 10th.

Please find a link to download Jim Poole’s (Senior Team Leader – Climate Change , NRW)  presentation from the 3rd Action Planning event. 

 140430 – Pembroke Dock Presentation 1 May 2014 (JP).pptx

Jim is happy for his presentation to be circulated freely.  Each slide has a notes.  He is happy for you to use slides as part of your own presentations too, and for you to pass it on to colleagues and other members of your groups.

Monthly meetings

TENP committee generally meet monthly, in the morning 10-12pm. We are now planning to rotate meetings between Haverfordwest (PAVS if available), Narberth, (Bloomfield Community Centre) and Fishguard (Transition Cafe).

We welcome guests, advisers on specialist topics [currently Shoreline management plans and agriculture intensification for example], and new committee nominees put forward by the TENP membership [expenses paid]. We run tight meetings focusing on action. Meetings generally focus on local and national policy issues relating to the environment. Currently much of our work is focusing on engagement and action on the environment section of Pembrokeshire’s Single Integrated Plan 2013-2018.

January 2015: for the next 3 months at least we are continuing to focus most of our energy on the Community Resilience project described above.

To find out more, contact,  sign up for our newsletter, and check this website for updates.

The final version of the Single Integrated Plan is available on

Topical Events

TENP runs and co-hosts events on topical environmental issues ranging from consultation workshops on public policy to renovating historic buildings.  If you have a topic of interest to Pembrokeshire and would like to run an event in conjunction with TENP please email: