Campaign for Protection of Rural Wales

Since 1928, the Campaign for Protection of Rural Wales has worked tirelessly to safeguard the quality and diversity of  all Welsh landscapes and seascapes.

Our past has shaped our landscapes and defined our heritage. How we use our landscapes today defines the quality of everyone’s life.

Decisions about change must be responsible, environmentally sound and reflect what matters to local people.

“An uncluttered countryside tomorrow requires uncluttered thinking today”

Wales’ landscapes and seascapes are some of our most important assets, especially our three National Parks and five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Collectively they are worth £9billion to the economy of Wales every year, provide jobs for 1 in 6 Welsh people, endless enjoyment and a source of well-being and inspiration for tens of millions of visitors.

Campaigning for the enhancement of the Welsh landscape, we

Protect and care for all Welsh landscapes
Champion their responsible use
Provide a voice for rural communities
Promote appreciation of the heritage and culture of rural Wales

“Landscapes create nations, and nowhere is this truism truer than in Wales, Cymru. Almost everything about Wales has been decreed by its terrain; if the countryside had been different the Welsh people as we know them would never have existed.”

Jan Morris ‘The Matter of Wales”


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