Glandwr Community Shop (Siop Glandwr)

Glandwr Community Shop – Siop Glandwr – is a small community shop in the premises of the Old Post Office in the village of Glandwr  in North Pembrokeshire on the border with Carmarthenshire. There has been a village shop here for over seventy years until quite recently when the current ownersclosed the shop due to financial difficulty. Having secured a business loan against their home, they found it increasingly difficult to manage financially and the bank are recalling their loan.

In March 2012 a small but passionate group of individuals in the village began working to revive and re-open the shop as a community venture. A campaign was mounted to canvass local opinion, with over 90% of those asked reporting they wanted their village shop back. This positive drive was slowed down by the threat of losing the premises to repossession.

In November 2012, the owners’ bank were persuaded by the Community Group to grant an extra six months to the loan repayment deadline – to give us time to acquire funding to buy the premises. In the meantime, the shop was opened on a regular basis two days a week. This extended deadline ended on May 1st 2013, and we had to vacate the shop as the owners decided to take the premises to auction in order to repay the bank loan. We intend to bid at the auction, and have secured a loan of 70% of the estimated value from a well-known ethical bank. Yet, this, plus the proceeds of a share buying event, donations and operating profit, is not  quite enough to cover the predicted cost at the auction, which is on July 12th 2013.

Rallying the community together to get the initiative off the ground has been action lead, and carried through each week by a strong commitment to continue making it work. This represents all the good will and sustainable objectives that Wales has to offer. All the deep green values of localism mean getting the right sort of help to help ourselves. Pembokeshire and Wales is awash with skilled vibrant people who can learn lots from community growing; action planning; business planning and fundraising; and our initiative is no exception – but very often what we need is simply access to funds to buy the premises, so we can carry on doing what we are already doing and do it better and for longer.

“Please express our heartfelt gratitude to the trustees and to you too for all the effort and hard work you put in to guide us through the application. We didn’t expect to be successful!”

Lindsey Roberts, Trustee, Glandwr Community Shop



The Old Post Office
SA34 0

01994 419098