Keep Wales Tidy

Keep Wales Tidy is about making Wales a better place to live. Our goal is to create an environment that’s enjoyed by all – where everyone shares responsibility and everyone takes advantage of the world that’s on their doorstep.


We liaise with community partners, to promote environmental and social responsibility and urge everyone in Wales to play their part by making small changes in their daily lives. We work with schools, helping pupils to understand and protect their local environment from an early age.

Community Action

We support volunteer groups, who restore and tidy open spaces in their communities. Local officers around Wales lend their expertise, making sure groups have the right equipment, knowledge and skills. When a space is maintained and used by the community, the risk of anti-social behaviour is reduced.

Supporting Local Government

We monitor litter in streets across Wales and report back to local authorities. We research environmental issues and identify good practice, at a local and national level and share our findings and recommendations with government policy makers.


Project Officer (Pembrokeshire)

Mari Williams


07824 504816