Llanteg Community Association

Since its formation Llanteg Community Association has been involved with the clearing and maintaining of the Old School Garden, The Claypits (both community land), Youth Workshops, fundraising Bingo and Community Carol Services.
Anyone is welcome to come along to the meetings, or to get involved with any of the working parties and planting.
In July 2013 the Association merged with Llanteg Village Hall Committee buts its work in the village will continue.

The Old School Garden has been cleared and planted and are now used for community events such as B.B.Q.s and Youth Workshops. Take the lower road (south at the crossroads by Llanteg Garage) and turn down left by the row of four houses (used to be our Council Houses) – lane is signposted to Rose Cottage.       

A further project recently commenced is the clearance of an area approximately 1 acre and known locally as The Claypits which is located on the corner near to Mountain Chapel and which runs east alongside of the A477.
Its historical significance is that in bygone days the people of the parish were allowed to remove stones for road repairs and also clay which was used fordomestic fires (being mixed with coal dust to make balls which kept the fire alightovernight).  Both activities ceased many years ago and the area has become virtually inaccessible.
The first objective is to clear the excess growth and ultimately make it an attractive and accessible community area where its historical contribution can be reflected upon and the natural surroundings and wild-life appreciated and enjoyed by all.
A lot of work remains to be done, not only clearance but also to level the ground with suitable material such as sub and top soil—which people in the community may wish to donate in due course. We are not at that stage yet but further information will be published when this material is required.  Suggestions to enhance this community area would be most welcome.



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